Capio's role in society

Responsibility for patients, employees and the environment – the society we operate in.

We have a mission: to cure, relieve and comfort anyone seeking medical care from Capio. This is our most important commitment, which entails a great responsibility to patients, funders, politicians, fellow citizens and society in general. Capio’s vision is to achieve the best achievable quality of life for every patient and this endeavor also relates to our key responsibility to society, with the same benefit for the patient and for society. High quality and availability ensure the right conditions for the patient to make a speedy recovery and return to normal life, which for many people entails paid employment. Since Capio also seeks to provide healthcare with efficient use of resources, this also entails due care for society’s combined resources – with more care for the money spent. The guarantee of good quality and care for society’s resources lies with our employees. Healthcare results are closely related to our ability to attract, develop and retain the right employees with the right competences.

Providing healthcare is a matter of trust

As a supplier of healthcare services, our patients trust us to ensure the best possible conditions for their recovery. This is also expected by society in general, which furthermore expects our activities to be operated on a responsible basis, and that Capio over time provides good healthcare on a sound financial basis. Providing healthcare means working to make people healthier. This not only concerns conducting our activities on a long-term sustainable basis from the patient’s perspective, but also from an employee and environmental perspective. This is our role in society, and constitutes Capio’s approach to sustainability.

Our values set the foundation

Capio’s activities are based on three fundamental values: quality, compassion and care, which are the basis for our business model and for the sustainability work. Capio’s first priority is medical quality – on which we never compromise – although compassion and an understanding of the patient’s situation are also extremely important for how the patient experiences healthcare. Our values also include care. This means caring for the patient, but also caring for each other and the society around us. In order to meet the expectations of patients, employees and external stakeholders, we work to achieve continuous improvement of matters which affect patients, employees and the environment.

Capio's stakeholder model

Responsibility for the society we operate in:

  • Responsibility for the patient – high quality and productivity while caring for society’s resources
  • Responsibility for the employee – attracting, developing and retaining the right competences
  • Responsibility for the environment – efficient use of resources and reduced environmental impacts