1. • Capio acquires Capio Clinique du Parisis which strenghens the local star network in the Paris region

    • The new modern hospital Capio Clinique Belharra opens in Bayonne

    • Capio acquires two clinics in Norway giving a national presence and healthcare offering in each of Norway's health regions

    • Capio is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm on June 30

  2. • Capio acquires two primary care centres in Falkenberg and a heart clinic in Varberg, Sweden

    • Volvat opens a new medical centre in central Oslo, Norway

  3. • Capio Movement is awarded a contract for rheumatology within Region Halland, Sweden

    • Capio expands its operations within geriatrics, advanced home care and palliative care at Nacka local hospital in Stockholm, Sweden

    • Capio signs a new agreement for Nacka geriatrics in Stockholm, Sweden

  4. • Capio acquires Ulriksdal Hospital in Bergen, Norway

    • Capio acquires Carema Healthcare in Sweden, increasing the number of primary care units in Sweden to more than 70, and specialist healthcare activities by approximately 25%

    • Capio acquires Blausteinklinik, a specialist vein surgery clinic in southern Germany

    • Capio wins the contract to run Capio St Göran’s emergency hospital in Stockholm up to and including 2021, with the possibility of extension by four years

    • Capio makes supplementary acquisitions of primary care units in Sweden

  5. • Capio wins the contract to run Lundby Local Hospital, Gothenburg, Swe- den, for a further six years

    • Capio acquires the Aguiléra hospital in Biarritz, France

    • Capio acquires the specialist orthopaedic Domont hospital in France

    • Capio strengthens specialist care in Sweden with the day surgery clinic Capio Arena Clinic, as well as acquisitions within surgery, CFTK (Centre for Laparoscopic Surgery), and gynaecology, the Capio Kista Specialist Centre, in Stockholm, and the acquisition of the specialist orthopaedic centre Movement Medical in Halmstad

    • Capio acquires two primary care units in Sweden and expands with an outpatient clinic in Germany

  6. • Capio wins contracts for addiction disorder care in Stockholm, Capio Maria, and psychiatric outpatient care in Östergötland, Capio Psychiatry, in Sweden

  7. • Capio incorporates the acquisition of Kvalita Närsjukvård with primary care units in Stockholm and Örebro, Sweden

  8. • Capio acquires primary care units in Stockholm and commences primary healthcare activities in Sweden

  9. • Capio acquires Vena Fachkliniken with specialist vein surgery clinics in Germany

  10. • Capio gains new owners and is acquired by funds advised by Apax Worldwide, Nordic Capital and Apax France. Capio is delisted from the Stockholm Stock Exchange

    • Capio acquires the German healthcare group Deutsche Klinik GmbH, including five hospitals

    • Capio acquires nine clinics in France with focus on surgery, medicine and obstetrics

  11. • Capio acquires the largest private hospital in France, Clinique des Cèdres, in Toulouse

  12. • Capio enters the French healthcare market by acquiring the second-largest private healthcare company with 16 clinics

  13. • Capio is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange

  14. • Capio acquires and begins to run St Göran’s Hospital in Stockholm

    • Capio enters the British market and acquires the Florence Nightingale Hospital in London, the UK

  15. • Capio enters the Norwegian market through the acquisition of the private Volvat Group

    • Capio acquires Svenska Cityklinikerna primary care units creating a good foundation for healthcare services in southern Sweden

  16. • Capio acquires Lundby Hospital, Gothenburg

    • Capio is established as the business area Bure Healthcare within Bure Equity AB, in Sweden