Capio Proximity Care

Business area Capio Proximity Care offers primary care services at 75 locations across 12 county councils and regions.

Capio Proximity Care offers primary care within general medicine and specialist healthcare under contracts with 12 county councils and regions, at clinics at 75 locations ranging from Simrishamn in the south, to Umeå in the north. Besides a wide range of primary care services, the primary care centers offer proximity services such as pediatric and maternity care, occupational therapy and physiotherapy. Furthermore, specialist medical care is offered within for example urology, cardiology, general surgery and orthopedics at most of Capio Proximity Care’s units in Skåne.


Focus areas going forward

  • Providing a full polyclinic offering with high availability, kind treatment and continuity of care.
  • Developing care programs adapted to the different medical and non-medical needs of patients.
  • Improving patient flows and shifting volumes to the right internal level of care by further increasing the share of consultations performed by relevant clinical staff.
  • Consolidating the primary care market and strengthening the current network through small add-on acquisitions.
  • Leveraging existing infrastructure and investments, and hence the ability to increase the number of patients served with limited additional resources needed.