A reliable, long-term partner for public healthcare

Working in healthcare entails constantly creating sustainable value for a wide range of stakeholders, whose respect and trust we need to earn. Capio’s strategy is to deliver high-quality healthcare with due care for our employees and society’s resources, supporting the long-term development and stability of the healthcare systems.

At Capio, we firmly believe that we can contribute to the positive progress of healthcare – for the benefit of patients, employees, funders and society as a whole. Through Modern Management in a decentralized organization, Capio is aiming to be at the forefront of Modern Medicine and the implementation of new and modern treatment methods, and our primary contribution to a sustainable society is to deliver high-quality healthcare with responsible and efficient use of resources. To achieve this, we rely on the skills and comprehensive knowledge of our employees, and hence our ability to attract, develop and retain the right individuals. In the work to actively build a culture based on strong values and the right attitude, our respect for and ability to be keenly aware of what our employees think and expect of Capio as an employer are critical. To ensure that current and potential employees have trust in Capio, social aspects such as good leadership, fair working conditions, and opportunities for development, are important. For example we acknowledge that healthcare staff today spend too much of their time on other activities besides direct medical care of patients, which leads to stress and feelings of inadequacy. Releasing more time for patients not only improves quality for patients and productivity in the service delivery, but also working conditions for employees.

A sound corporate governance and high level of business ethics is also a fundamental part of a strong culture that creates trust in Capio. Capio’s Code of Conduct is built on the cornerstones of honesty and integrity, and incorporates Capio’s values of quality, compassion and care, as well as respect for its stakeholders. As a healthcare provider working with people’s health on an everyday basis, Capio works actively with environmental aspects that are closely related to its operations, such as the handling of pharmaceuticals and chemicals, the use of energy, and procurement, transport, and waste management issues. Our aim is to continuously reduce the environmental footprint we leave behind.

Capio is subject to the EU directive regarding disclosure of non-financial information and will disclose such information based on the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) framework. During 2016, a review of sustainability work in Capio was initiated. To gain a deeper understanding of what stakeholders expect from Capio, a stakeholder survey was conducted at the beginning of 2017. Capio’s stakeholder groups were invited to take part in an online survey to identify the most significant sustainability aspects of Capio’s healthcare operations. The outcome of the stakeholder survey will form the basis for a materiality analysis in which Capio’s most significant sustainability aspects and focus areas will be identified. Following the materiality analysis, Capio’s sustainability agenda and reporting will be further developed during 2017.