Capio contributes to a more sustainable society

Our main contribution to a sustainable society is to deliver high-quality healthcare, with due care for our employees and society’s resources, supporting the long-term development and stability of the healthcare systems.

This is a fundamental part of Capio’s strategy which, in brief, is to implement Modern Medicine to ensure medical outcomes of high quality and shorten treatment times. With Modern Management, we drive efficient use of resources and speed up the pace of change. This is for the benefit of the individual patient and for society at large.

During 2017, we initiated a sustainability program at Group level in order to establish a common structure for Capio’s sustainability work. We have conducted a stakeholder survey and a materiality analysis in order to identify and prioritize topics to include in the sustainability program. Not surprisingly, patient and employee related topics were considered most critical to Capio. In line with our decentralized organization, sustainability initiatives are mainly identified, reported and followed up at local level. As part of the sustainability program, we have determined a set of Group-wide performance indicators to be used when evaluating the sustainability development for the Group going forward. 2017 is the first year of reporting on these indicators and a starting point for this important work. The implementation of Capio’s sustainability program will continue in 2018.

Capio’s sustainability focus areas

We organize our sustainability initiatives in four focus areas: Quality, Business ethics, Employees and Environment.


Capio’s ambition is to deliver high-quality healthcare and achieve continuous quality and productivity improvements. This is realized through the implementation of our Modern Medicine strategy and by working in accordance with the Capio Model.

Business ethics

Capio strives for sound, long-term financial development based on the highest ethical, moral and legal standards. This is achieved through continuous quality and productivity improvements in an organization characterized by our core values; Quality, Compassion and Care.


Capio aims to be the preferred employer in the healthcare sector in order to recruit and retain the right individuals to drive the implementation of Modern Medicine. This is achieved through our Modern Management strategy, in combination with providing fair working conditions, and offering a safe place to work and relevant training opportunities.


Capio’s ambition is to make responsible and efficient use of resources and to continuously reduce our environmental footprint.