Mission, vision and values

Cure. Relieve. Comfort.

We have a mission: to cure, relieve and comfort anyone seeking medical care from Capio. This is also what is stated in the oath created around 2,400 years ago by Hippocrates, the father of medicine.

Modern medical developments mean that more and more diseases can now be cured, or at least eased. At Capio, we are doing everything in our power to make the most of this development. We use all the knowledge and experience of our staff to ensure that new advances benefit patients as quickly as possible. New, improved methods and procedures are only viable when they are implemented in day-to-day medical care.

There are times when a cure is impossible and relief is merely temporary. In these cases, comfort is an important part of the care offered. We must be able to see the person behind the illness; see their anxiety and sorrow, and do everything in our power to support them. It is important to remember this personal aspect of medical care in the face of the advanced technology used today, not to mention the thousands of sophisticated treatment methods that are part of modern healthcare. 

The best achievable quality of life for every patient.

The aim of all healthcare work is to ensure the best achievable quality of life for each and every patient. Many make a full recovery, while others have the chance of a more normal life.

A patient’s self-esteem and dignity shall also be respected and reinforced even as his or her life draws to a close. Our key drivers are quality, compassion and care.

Quality. Compassion. Care.

When we require medical care, we are vulnerable and perhaps helpless, or at least in need of assistance. We may also have a limited insight and knowledge of our illness and how best to treat it. This places a heavy burden of responsibility on the healthcare service and its staff, far beyond the responsibility that applies to many other activities and situations in life. The foundation for Capio's activites is three core values to manage this responsibility and to achieve the best achievable quality of life for every patient.