The Capio Model – quality drives productivity and growth

The Capio Model is the basis for all activity at Capio. The elements of the Capio Model work together to create continuity, for the benefit of patients and of society in the broader sense. The model is our tool to achieve Capio’s strategy and our ambition to provide and develop good healthcare.

The needs and circumstances of our patients determine the content of our quality ambitions: how we organize our healthcare work, and measure and follow-up results to achieve continuous improvement in quality and processes. The economic consequences of our efforts are realized as our financial results. We use these results to further develop our activities through continuous investment in healthcare, in order to become even better at meeting our patients’ needs.

The basis

The foundation for Capio’s activities is three core values: Quality, Compassion and Care. Our values guide our dayto- day healthcare work and our approach to relations with our patients and their relatives, and with our colleagues and society in general.

Patient needs

Patients’ need for care varies according to their diagnosis and circumstances. All of Capio’s healthcare work is intended to meet the needs of each patient and patient group. It is therefore vital to understand patients’ needs and how these can change over time.

The method

Quality based on four cornerstones describes our total quality commitment. The nature of each cornerstone is determined by our understanding of patients’ needs, and the interaction between the cornerstones creates sound medical results and a good healthcare experience for the patient, for every healthcare admission.

The practice

We organize staff, management and local resources with the patient at the center. The organization and the local management must clearly delegate responsibility and authority to their employees, in order to create independence, initiative and continuous improvement. We measure and follow-up on quality, productivity and finances in a reporting structure which mirrors the organization. We develop and train our managers and employees in order to strengthen responsibility and drive change. This continuous development creates medical excellence in healthcare.

Clinical and Process Input (CPI)

We call the description of the clinical and administrative actions of a care episode a Clinical and Process Input (CPI). A CPI describes what is done, and in which order, and how and by whom it is done. A structured medical process with CPI improves medical quality and is a prerequisite for a structured and systematic way of working, enabling continuous improvements. Continuous improvement We set goals and measure our activities, in order to know where we stand and how we can improve further. This systematic process helps to ensure that everyone in the organization knows how healthcare is developing and how we can develop it further. We measure quality via our Quality Performance Indicators (QPIs). These cover three areas:

  • Clinical Reported Outcome Measurement (CROM)
  • Patient Reported Outcome Measurement (PROM)
  • Patient Reported Experience Measurement (PREM)


Together these provide a comprehensive view of both medical results and patient satisfaction.

We also measure our operations via Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). These are well-defined non-financial measurements of production, productivity and resources (staff and material resources). Via our QPIs we develop our quality, while our KPIs measure productivity and provide the link to financial reporting, follow-up and results.

Financial results

The final element of the Capio Model is our financial results and financial position. Everything we do has financial consequences. By providing high-quality healthcare from the beginning, we can improve our treatment results and make better use of our resources. Our staff and existing premises can accommodate more patients, and we can become better at caring for our patients, so that quality drives productivity and growth.

Accurate, timely and relevant financial reporting provides managers at all levels of the organization with direct feedback on the financial consequences of their activities. This ensures a good basis for well-founded decisions and continuous process improvements, leading to more efficient use of resources, and more healthcare for the money spent.

When finances are in balance, with sound financial results, good cash flows and a strong balance sheet, Capio can create scope for investments in our operations, which in turn will contribute to higher quality and more productive healthcare.

The majority of our profits are reinvested in staff, medical equipment and buildings, in order to increasingly meet our patients’ healthcare needs.