The Capio model

The Capio model is the basis for all activity at Capio. The elements of the Capio model work together to create continuity, for the benefit of patients and of society in the broader sense. This is how we achieve our strategy and our ambition to provide and develop good healthcare.

The needs and situation of our patients determine the content of our quality ambitions: how we organize our healthcare work, and measure and follow up results to achieve continuous improve- ments in quality and processes. The economic consequences of our efforts are realized as our financial results. We use these results to further develop our activities through continuous investments in healthcare, in order to become even better at meeting our patients’ requirements.

Our business model – the Capio model – helps us to fulfill our promise to our patients and funders. Via our strong focus on conti- nuous improvement, we can take part in developing healthcare within the areas entrusted to us.

Capio model