The values - the foundation of our activities

When we require medical care, we are vulnerable and perhaps helpless, or at least in need of assistance. We may also have a limited insight into and knowledge of our illness and how best to treat it. This places a heavy burden of responsibility on the healthcare service and its staff, far beyond the responsibility that applies to many other activities and situations in life. The foundation for Capio’s activities is three core values to manage this responsibility and to achieve the best achievable quality of life for every patient.

Our top priority is medical quality – on which we never compromise. We must remember that what may be routine for healthcare staff is often a unique experience for patients. This is why the highest medical quality on its own is not enough. We must also show compassion and care, which are our other two core values.

Today, many medical advances are made via technically sophisticated methods. This is important for medical results, although the human aspect of healthcare can never be replaced by medical drugs or machines. Compassion and an understanding of the fears and vulnerabilities of our patients are therefore just as important to how patients experience medical care.

Our understanding of the patient’s situation enables us to show care for both major concerns and minor queries. Caring for patients, of course, but also taking the care to do our everyday work well in relation to both our colleagues and Capio. We know that each and every one of us makes a difference and that each of us is needed for the team to function.