The method

Quality based on four cornerstones

The patient is our first priority. We wish to continously develop our ability to cure, relieve and comfort - and the better we are at giving high-quality care, the more we can help, at the same cost to society.

In the other words, quality drives productivity, enabling us to give good healthcare to more patients. When we summarize healthcare quality there are four areas of particular importance: Modern Medicine, Good information, Kind treatment, and Nice environment and adequate equipment. Together they provide a stable basis for good healthcare.

The four cornerstones work together

In order to offer our patients the best achievable quality of life, we never compromise on the quality of medical care. This does not mean that we can fail in the other three areas. On the contrary: good information and kind treatment ensure that patients can feel secure, and recuperate and recover more quickly. In the same way, well-functioning premises and the right equipment help to increase the quality of medical care. Together they help to improve patients’ quality of life. We ­therefore work to increase the levels of all of these dimensions at the same time. This is a continuing task that is never completed.

Modern Medicine

Medical methods are undergoing constant development. Conditions that just a few years ago required major operations may today need just a simple procedure, or can be treated with medication alone. It is important to stay ahead of new medical developments and to have an organisation that can take medical achievements on board quickly, while still maintaining quality standards.

Good information

A well-informed patient is a confident patient who will make a faster recovery. Correct information on dia­gnosis, treatment and progress is very important. It is just as vital to show patients how they can facilitate and speed up their own recovery, once treatment has been completed.

Kind treatment

We all wish to be treated kindly. This is particularly true of patients who are anxious about their illness and what is going to happen to them. It is vital to remember that what is routine for us may be new for our patients. We need to see things from their perspective and show our compassion and care. These are important ingredients in the recipe for a sound recovery.

Nice environment and adequate equipment

Our core ambitions are reflected in our external envir­onment. Nice, modern and inviting premises create a positive environment and help to reduce treatment times. Research has shown that a comfortable environment makes people feel better, both physically and mentally. In step with medical progress, healthcare’s “machine park” and IT systems must also be renewed and further developed.