Clear organization

Create an organisation for continuous initiatives and improvements

Everything we do is patient-driven. This is why our organization is built from the bottom up. Focusing on our patients means that we do not wait for orders, but take the initiative. Our culture entails that our line staff take the initiative and hold the responsibility for implementing improvements. This staff consists of the doctors, nurses and all other team members who meet the patients in our more than 600 care units. They know best which improvements should be made in their particular units.

Each care unit is headed by a manager who has clear authority and responsibility for achieving the objectives that have been set. This allows us to utilize the knowledge of our unit managers in the best possible way, while giving staff the opportunity to grow and see how their own knowledge and initiative can make a difference. This increases both quality and productivity, and in this way we become even better at curing, relieving and comforting more patients.

We know that the Capio model works when staff feel empowered and are convinced that they can influence their own work situation and create more value for patients on a systematic basis.