Reporting which mirrors the organization

Mirror operations in simple and clear reporting

We want to create a culture of continuous quality improvement in each care unit. This requires a sound overview of how much care we are expected to provide in a given period of time. This is what we refer to as our production. The number of outpatients, the number of hospital admissions requiring one or several days of inpatient care, and the number of surgical procedures are all examples of key figures.

By productivity we mean how well we provide healthcare, so that our patients recover more quickly and that our resources are used effectively, allowing us to give the same good care to more patients. Average length of stay (AVLOS), ward utilization, theater utilization and number of outpatients per ward, are all key figures used to measure productivity. We must also have the right number of beds, operating theaters, staff and skills. We use these key figures to map our resources, which are also our costs.

Our internal income statement and our systematic quality measurements are important steering instruments for managers at all levels within the organization. Together with the key figures, they are used to analyze and steer the organization in the right direction, both medically and financially. This frees up funds and resources to make further investments in productive healthcare to an even higher quality standard.