Operational excellence

Continuous development builds ­medical excellence

Our organization – which is based on the delegation of responsibility and authority to line managers, key figures that are easy to understand and which mirror our operations, and deliberate focus on internal training and internal career paths – is gradually building a more and more detailed knowledge base. This knowledge is driving the organization towards even greater specialization and the introduction of new treatment methods that match the general medical development.

We are also implemting new methods and developing programs of our own in order to enhance the quality of our care. This requires the courage to question traditional healthcare practices. One example is the abolition of the traditional ward rounds. Our constant aim is to pass on specialist skills throughout the organization, so that more patients can benefit from them.

The design of our properties and premises also has a great impact on the quality of our care. Our equipment must be the most suitable choice for every initiative. Many of the surgical procedures that previously required patients to remain in hospital for several days can now be carried out far more quickly, thanks to modern processes, methods and equipment, and patients can sometimes go home just a few hours later. This places demands on premises being designed to support these changed patient flows.