Development and training

Training and internal ­recruitment build expertise and continuity

We believe in people, and wish to see each other grow in a decentralized organization in which individuals can gain new insights and have opportunities to influence the healthcare they provide, as well as their own personal development. This builds expertise and continuity.

We attach great weight to training in new medical treatment methods and to improving our personal interaction with patients on a kind and informative basis even further, and set targets for each area.

The close to 400 operational managers in our healthcare organization are all an important part of this process. All managers, at all levels, must receive the support and training they need to enable both themselves and their teams to grow. Most of our recruitment takes place within the organization, and most of our managers are nurses or doctors. The majority of managers are recruited from within our own organization.

We share useful knowledge, as this increases quality and benefits our patients. It is natural for the staff of a department to pool their expertise, but we take this further by sharing knowledge between different units and countries. In this way we can rapidly implement effective new medical treatment methods at additional locations and in more contexts.