The Company’s most recent auditor election was at the 2018 Annual General Meeting, when Ernst & Young AB (Box 7850, SE-103 99 Stockholm), in its capacity as registered audit firm, with Mikael Sjölander (authorized public accountant) as auditor-in-charge was elected for the period until the end of the 2019 Annual General Meeting. Ernst & Young AB has been Capio’s auditor since 2006.

The external audit of the accounts of Capio and a majority of its subsidiaries as well as the management by the Board of Directors and Group Management is conducted in accordance with International Standards on Auditing and generally accepted auditing standards in Sweden. The external auditor attends at least one Board meeting per year at which the auditor reviews the audit for the year and discusses the audit with the members of the Board of Directors, without the CEO or any member of the Group Management being present. The auditor receives compensation for its work in accordance with a resolution by the annual general meeting.

For audit fees, please refer to note 22 in the Annual Report 2017