Rules of procedures

Every year at the inaugural Board meeting following the election at the
Annual General Meeting, Capio’s Board of Directors adopts work procedures
that stipulate how the work should be divided between the Board,
its committees and the CEO. It also contains matters to be addressed at
regular meetings of the Board and duties incumbent on the chairman.

The Board should convene at least six times per year in addition to
the inaugural Board meeting. The Board chairman organizes and
manages the work of the Board. Apart from the responsibilities of the
chairman, there is no particular division of tasks or responsibilities between
the Board members. The CEO is not part of the Board, but
attends all Board meetings and is responsible, together with the chairman,
that the Board is provided adequate information prior to each

In addition to the regular meeting frequency, the Board convenes
on events of great importance that cannot be referred to the next regular
Board meeting.