Remuneration Committee

The task of the Remuneration Committee is to prepare matters concerning remuneration and employment terms for Capio’s CEO which is then resolved by the Board of Directors. The task is also to prepare and resolve matters  concerning remuneration and employment terms for Group Management members who report directly to the CEO.

The work of the Remuneration Committee also includes proposing guidelines for, among other things, the relationship between fixed and variable compensation and the relationship between performance and compensation, the principal conditions for bonuses and incentive schemes, conditions for non-monetary benefits, pensions, termination and severance pay. Furthermore, the Remuneration Committee monitors and evaluates the outcome of variable compensation schemes and Capio’s compliance with remuneration guidelines adopted by the general meeting.

The Remuneration Committee should hold at least two meetings per year.

During 2016, the Remuneration Committee held a total of two meetings. The attendance of Board members at committee meetings is presented in the table on page 142 in the Annual Report.

The following Board members were appointed members of Capio’s Remuneration Committee at the inaugural Board meeting following the Annual General Meeting 2017:

• Michael Wolf (chairperson)
• Gunnar Nemeth  
• Birgitta Stymne Göransson

The current composition of the members of Capio’s Remuneration Committee is assessed to meet the requirements stated in the Code. Please refer to page 142 in the Annual Report and the nomination committee’s reasoned statement for the assessment of the independence of the Board.