Capio EWC

According to a current EU directive, a European Works Council should be held by companies with more than 1,000 employees if there are at least 150 employees in two EU member states. Capio is one of the few European healthcare companies to take the initiative to create a European Works Council.

The aim is to create an instrument for insight and influence through open and meaningful dialogue between employee representatives from different countries and operations and Capio’s management – a dialogue with the ultimate objective of exchanging experience in order to improve the quality of the care offered to patients. This also contributes to a stronger corporate culture and enhances Capio’s position as an attractive employer of current and future employees.

“EWC is based on sound dialogue that is positive for the company and its ability to develop and create better healthcare”, says Kevin Thompson, the Swedish Municipal Workers’ Union’s representative on Capio’s Board of Directors and employee chairman of Capio’s European Works Council.