Eighth European Works Council

New works council agreement – creating stronger relations.


On 29–30 November 2012, Capio’s eighth European Works Council (EWC) was held in Paris. A new agreement on a European Works Council in accordance with the new EU Directive was signed. The agreement creates a basis for stronger relations between management and employees at every level of the organisation, thanks to a stable platform for the ongoing exchange of knowledge and ideas at European level.

The overall aim of the agreement is for communication within the Capio Group to be open, addressed to several levels, and based on mutual respect. The agreement should be viewed as an opportunity to increase understanding of the activities, the units and the markets in which the Group is engaged. This supports the development of the corporate culture and the exchange of knowledge, in order to contribute to a learning organisation.

Clearer processes for information and consultation
There is a well-functioning dialogue between Capio’s ­management and the Works Council. The ambition is to strengthen this culture at all levels of the Group,” says Kevin Thompson, the Swedish Municipal Workers’ Union’s representative on Capio’s Board of Directors and Employee Chairman of ­Capio’s European Works Council.

The new agreement supports this process, among other things due to improved, clearer information and consultation processes, with a broader definition of cross-border issues. In addition, the composition of the Works Council has been adjusted, giving an increased number of employee representatives. The members of the Works Council will have even better conditions in terms of time, resources and opportunities for study tours.

“We are very pleased with the agreement. It means that we can further expand the open dialogue within the company and give the employee representatives better opportunities to influence decisions in a positive direction,” says Kevin Thompson.

Aimed at creating greater dialogue
Capio’s new Works Council agreement adheres to the new Directive on European Works Councils which seeks to increase the dialogue between management and employees at every level of a company. The Directive applies to companies with at least 1,000 employees within the EU, and at least 150 employees in each of two EU member states. Capio is one of the few European healthcare companies to take the initiative to form a European Works Council. Capio’s next ordinary EWC meeting is planned to take place in spring 2013.