Fifth European Works Council

On 5-6 October 2010, Capio’s fifth European Works Council Meeting (EWC) was held in Lyon, France. The meeting included participants from Capio and the labour unions representing employees from different countries within the Group. The purpose of the Capio EWC is to provide a forum for information and discussion on various issues relating to overall business development and performance, as well as the outlook for the company.

Gunnar Németh, COO of Capio Group, emphasised the importance of productivity.

– Productivity is key, as it is our opportunity to increase sales at the same or lower cost. This in turn gives us the opportunity to invest in staff education and excellent facilities, and to continue to focus on providing high-quality care for our patients.

Thomas Berglund, CEO of Capio Group:

– Fundamental work has been done throughout the Group over the last three years and we now have a stronger foundation. We are one Group with one business model built on a strong and decentralised organisation with a culture of continuous improvement, a clear understanding of how to reflect the operational development in KPIs and financial reports and an ambition to develop future leaders at all levels from within the company. All this will help us to develop medical excellence in our clinics and a financial performance that enables us to give good quality to patients and an inspiring environment for our employees. As a provider with a pan-European presence, Capio is well positioned to lead knowledge sharing across markets.

Kevin Thompson, Swedish Municipal Workers Union and Employee Chairperson, confirmed that Capio EWC works well as a platform for information sharing and dialogue between Capio’s employees in different countries and management, although there are still areas of improvement.

“There is a very good level of openness and quality of information, and we agreed upon improving the level of consultation in the future.  

Main topics covered at the meeting were:  

1. The latest developments within all Business Areas in terms of performance, management, organisation and investments
2. Group strategy
3. Presentation of Business Area France
4. New European Works Council Directive
5. Capio Code of Conduct and International Labour Organisation conventions  

The employees’ representatives attending the meeting were Bengt Sparrelid, Kevin Thompson, Åsa Jungwallius, Sweden, Johannes Heuer, Melanie Steffens, Germany, Mirentxu Forton, Francoise Hascoet, France and Isabel Zapata Alvarez, Pedro Montero Almansa, Spain. Capio was represented by: Thomas Berglund, Gunnar Németh, Brita Bramberg, Linda Wallgren and Monica Angervall, Capio AB including Capio in the Nordic countries, Sveneric Svensson, Catherine Viatge and Genéviève Faugeras, Capio France.

Discussions took place in an atmosphere of good faith and openness. The next Capio EWC meeting is planned to be held in May 2011.