Fourth European Works Council

Capio and the labour unions representing the employees within the Group, have arranged the fourth European Works Council Meeting (EWC). The purpose of the Capio EWC is to provide information and consultation on issues with impact on overall business development and performance of the company. Capio is the only health care company to hold these meetings.

- A common understanding amongst our employees about where we are heading is essential for a successful development for Capio, says Gunnar Németh, Managing Director and COO of Capio.

- Our vision is to be a leading healthcare company in Europe providing high quality care to all our patients. By setting up a flat, decentralised organisation driven by demands from core activities, development of new concepts for our patients, transparency in communication and by employing the best medical professionals, we can build Capio on a long term basis for the future.

Kevin Thompson, Swedish Municipal workers union and Employee Chairperson emphasizes that the EWC is important as a forum for direct contact between the employees in different countries and Capios central management:
- Here we can work together with our union colleagues in improving working conditions and developing a culture of dialog and mutual respect.

The meeting took place on 6th of May 2009 in Brussels. The employee’s representatives attending the meeting were Bengt Sparrelid, Kevin Thompson, Åsa Jungwallius, Sweden, Johannes Heuer, Gertrude Weinert, Germany, Mirentxu Forton, Olivier Herrou, Francoise Hascoet, France and Celia Ortega, Isabel Zapata, Pedro Montero, Spain.

Capio was represented by Gunnar Németh, Håkan Winberg, Saila Horttanainen and Monica Angervall, Capio AB including Capio in the Nordic countries, Catherine Viatge and Jaqueline Barriolade, Capio Healthcare France, Klaus Wöhrle and Erhard Belz, Capio Healthcare Germany.