Extraordinary General Meeting 2017

Extraordinary General Meeting in Capio AB (publ)

An Extraordinary General Meeting with the purpose of new election of Hans Ramel as ordinary member of the Board took place on Tuesday 22 August 2017 at 4p.m. at Lilla Bommen Konferenscenter at the address Lilla Bommen 4A, Gothenburg, Sweden.

The following key decisions were taken:

  • The Extraordinary General Meeting resolved that the number of Board Members shall be eight, without deputies.
  • The Extraordinary General Meeting elected Hans Ramel as new ordinary member of the Board to replace Fredrik Näslund, who no longer was at the disposal for the Board due to Nordic Capital VI Limited having divested its holding of shares in Capio. It is noted that the Board thereby consists of Michael Wolf (chairman), Gunnar Németh, Birgitta Stymne Göransson, Pascale Richetta, Michael Flemming, Gunilla Rudebjer, Joakim Rubin and Hans Ramel.
  • The Extraordinary General Meeting resolved that the annual fees of the Board, and its committees, as resolved at the Annual General Meeting on 3 May 2017 shall continue to apply and shall as between Hans Ramel and Fredrik Näslund, as applicable, be divided pro rata between themselves in relation to their respective duty periods during the time from the Annual General Meeting 2017 until the end of the next Annual General Meeting.

Minutes from Extraordinary General Meeting 2017-08-22 in Capio AB (publ) (excl. voting list)