Capio and the European Works Council (EWC) has completed its thirteenth meeting in Stockholm

On 5-6 November 2015 Capio and the European Works Council met in Stockholm for its thirteenth meeting. The meeting discussed mainly the development of Capio's operations and the challenges and opportunities Capio's various operations are facing in the coming years.

The meeting opened with Capio's President and CEO Thomas Berglund described the way up to the IPO of the company which was completed on June 30 this year, and a presentation of the results of the latest interim report. Furthermore, Thomas Berglund went through the Group strategy going forward and prioritized activities within each country.

Philippe Durand, Business Area Manager Capio France, presented the status of operations in France and the challenges facing the company, including in terms of the general price reductions which the French government is carrying out on the market right now.

During the meeting, Sveneric Svensson, Head of Capio Sweden, presented the company's strategies regarding modern medicine and modern leadership. Modern medicine takes as its starting point in, for the benefit of the patient, shorten hospital stays and thus contribute to a faster recovery. This in turn means partly a shift from inpatient to more daycare, which also today's organizations need to adapt to. Modern leadership ensures that the right person gets the opportunity to do the right things. This may mean shifting tasks between competencies alternatively to decide to stop doing certain tasks.

After the information about Capio's current situation and the strategy for the future, employee representatives discussed how developments in the company are affecting the employees' working conditions and working environment. It was agreed to monitor developments closely and to take part in the benchmarking of the French and Swedish operations. It stressed the importance that efficiency, better quality of care and changes in working methods have to be implemented with the maintenance of good working environment and staffing.

The next meeting of the Council’s Working Committee is 30 March 2016. The next EWC meeting is 1-3 June, 2016. Before the meeting ended Thomas Berglund thanked for a good meeting with straightforward communication in an atmosphere of mutual respect.

For information please contact:

Kevin Thompson, Employee Chairman, Capio EWC
Phone: 0704-84 56 05

Thomas Berglund, President and CEO, Capio AB
Phone: 0733-88 86 00