Capio and the European Works Council (EWC) has completed its twelfth meeting in Frankfurt

Capio and the European Works Council met for its twelfth meeting in Frankfurt on 21-22 May 2015. The meeting discussed mainly the development of Capio's operations and work to develop and improve the collaboration climate between employers and local union representatives.

Capio's President and CEO Thomas Berglund described Capio’s operations and commented on the latest developments in the company to give a picture of where Capio is today and onwards.

During the meeting the continuing work on the survey in order to identify the collaboration climate between Capio and local union representatives, which took place in summer 2014 in Sweden, Germany and France, was presented. Kevin Thompson, Employee Chairman of Capio EWC and Maria Pewe, HR Manager Capio Sweden, presented the results in Sweden and the business area-specific action plans to be implemented in 2015. Johannes Heuer, union representative, reported results from Germany. The results from France and the action plans that will be implemented, were presented jointly by Michèle Goya, union representative, and Catherine Viatge, Deputy CEO, Capio France.

The European Works Council will continue to follow the progress of work of the local action plans to ensure that all activities within Capio are characterized by openness and collaboration regarding the important consultation process.

The members of the Council discussed, under confidentiality, a possible stock listing of Capio. Council members highlighted a number of areas that it wanted to protect in the long term. They emphasized the importance of Capio's pan-European structure, long-term decision-making in healthcare, secure continued good working conditions and social dialogue between Capio's management and the unions. Thomas Berglund and all agreed on the importance of these main points.

The members of the Council and representatives of the Capio agreed that even though they had discussed complex and confidential matters, there was an open climate of mutual respect for each other's opinions, and that transparency shall be a natural part of Capio's corporate culture.

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Kevin Thompson, Employee Chairman, Capio EWC
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Thomas Berglund, President and CEO, Capio AB
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