Capio Blausteinklinik being certified as European Wound Centre

As second clinic in Germany and the only one in Southern Germany, Capio Blausteinklinik (Blaustein/Ulm) with the outpatient vascular and skin center has been certified by TÜV Austria as „WZ®-Wundzentrum” according to the ambitious European standard.

“Together with our Medical Care Center (MCC) we are now able to offer an integrative outpatient-inpatient treatment also of complex and longtime suffering patients with chronic wounds”, says Prof. Dr. Dr. Ralf U. Peter, Medical Director and Main Unit Manager of Capio Blausteinklinik.

A working phase of several months was preceding the official certification, with education of doctor’s assistants and nurses as wound experts. All processes have been aligned with the since 2005 existing ISO certification of clinic and MCC. 

Experts estimate that about 2.7 million people in Germany suffer from wounds, thereof around 890,000 from chronic wounds. “In order to guarantee our patients the best achievable quality of life, we do not make any compromises concerning the quality of the medical care”, states Martin Reitz, Managing Director (CEO) Capio Germany.

The new wound center is being headed by one of the most experienced specialists for chronic wounds in Germany: Prof. Peter i. a. has been Medical Director of the department Dermatology of University Ulm and of the Federal Armed Forces’ hospital (BWK). Already at the end of the nineties together with the Chief Surgeon of the BWK Ulm, Prof. Gerngroß, he established one of the first integrative wound centers in Germany, has been for many years president and board member of the German society for wound healing and wound treatment and founding editor of the sole German-speaking specialized magazine for wound healing. Currently he is council member of the initiative Chronic Wounds as well as member of the Federal Consensus Conference Wound Healing which meets regularly and whose target is the development of nationwide valid, interdisciplinary diagnostic and therapy standards for the different kinds of chronic wounds.