Capio’s European Works Council Meeting 2011

On 6-7 October 2011 Capio’s sixth European Works Council Meeting (EWC), was held in Stockholm, Sweden, as part of the EWC Directive. The meeting involved participants from Capio and the labour unions representing employees from different countries within the Group.

“Capio is one of few European healthcare companies which has taken the initiative to set up a European Works Council. We find it a valuable tool to create an open, useful dialogue between employee representatives from different countries and operations and the management of Capio,” says Thomas Berglund, CEO of Capio.

“This is one way of sharing experiences in order to continuously improve the quality of healthcare that we offer our patients. But it is also an investment in strengthening Capio’s corporate culture, thus ensuring that Capio remains an attractive employer for existing and future employees,” concludes Thomas Berglund.

“A well-functioning dialogue between Capio and its employees strengthens the corporate culture. There is now an improved EWC Directive and these improvements will be incorporated into Capio’s own European Works Council agreement,” says Kevin Thompson, Swedish Municipal Workers Union and Employee Chairperson.

The main topics covered at the meeting were:

  • Group and Business Area development in terms of performance and strategy going forward
  • Trends, challenges and opportunities within European healthcare
  • Progress report on the renegotiation of Capio’s European Works Council agreement

The employee representatives attending the meeting were: Bengt Sparrelid, Kevin Thompson and Åsa Jungwallius from Sweden, Johannes Heuer and Melanie Steffens from Germany, and new employee representatives Michèle Goya, Nicole Bouillon and Mercédes Verdier from France. Capio was represented by: Thomas Berglund, Brita Bramberg, Linda Wallgren and Monica Angervall from Capio AB including Capio in the Nordic countries.

The EWC Directive applies to companies with at least 1,000 employees within the EU and at least 150 employees in each of at least two EU Member States. The purpose of the Capio EWC is to provide a forum for information and discussion on various issues relating to overall business development and performance, as well as the outlook for the company.

Discussions took place in an atmosphere of good faith and openness. The next Capio EWC meeting is scheduled for the first half of 2012.

Stockholm, 19 October 2011