New board members further enhance Capio’s scientific and industrial competence

Anders Narvinger new Chairman of the Board, Gunnar Németh new Vice Chairman and Thomas Berglund new President and CEO

Capio, one of the leading healthcare and medical companies in Sweden and Europe, will have a new board of directors and management team, combining medical competence with international service experience.

Over the past decade, Capio has developed into a European healthcare group that combines high-quality patient care with efficient processes and progressive management practices. With methods and experience drawn largely from the Swedish healthcare system, Capio has become a leading-edge European operator. Capio’s board of directors is now being strengthened to enable further steps in the company’s development.   

− The European health and medical market is growing, and Capio has already demonstrated that it’s possible to create a leading pan-European healthcare company based on the Swedish service sector. I look forward to participating in Capio’s further development, says Anders Narvinger, Capio’s new Chairman of the Board, who has extensive management and board experience from international companies.

− Sweden is a leading country in Europe when it comes to introducing modern healthcare methods, to the benefit of patients and society as a whole. Capio currently offers a working method that produces continuous improvement and the efficient use of resources. This results in quality care and satisfied patients, and is the basis for continued growth and development in Sweden and Europe, says Gunnar Németh, Vice-Chairman of Capio and adjunct professor of orthopaedics.

− Capio has professional employees who are well able to meet the increasing demands for healthcare and medical treatment imposed by patients and payers. It is clear that things that are good for patients – modern methods, short treatment durations and few complications – are also good for society and for Capio, says Thomas Berglund, President and CEO.

Anders Narvinger has many years’ experience in top management and board position from international companies. His previous positions include President and CEO of Swedish ABB and Director General of Teknikföretagen, and he currently serves as Chairman of the Board of companies such as Telia Sonera, Alfa Laval and Trelleborg.

Gunnar Németh is an adjunct professor of orthopaedics at the Karolinska Institute, and has worked at Karolinska University Hospital for twenty years. In 2004 he took up the post of Medical Director at Capio; since then, his positions have included CEO of Capio St Görans Sjukhus AB, CEO of Capio AB and Chief Surgeon / Head of Operations for the group.

Thomas Berglund, who has formerly served as both Chairman of the Board and CEO of Capio, is now stepping up his operational focus as Capio’s President and CEO. Mr Berglund has extensive experience in leading and growing international service companies, including as former CEO of Securitas.

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About Capio
The Capio Group, headquartered in Sweden and with a pan-European presence, is one of Europe’s leading health and medical companies. Capio offers high-quality health and medical services through its hospitals, specialist clinics and community health centres. Capio has annual sales of approximately SEK 10 billion and 10,000 employees at over 60 healthcare units in France, Germany, Great Britain, Norway and Sweden. For additional information, please visit