Capio and EWC agree on new standards to strengthen business ethics and the conduct of openness, honesty and accountability

During Capio’s ninth European Works Council Meeting in Lyon, on 19-20 September 2013, new policies for anti-bribery and anti-corruption as well as whistle-blower function routines was adopted. The new policies will further strengthen the high standards in both our professional and ethical conduct in Capio.

The aim of these policies is to further strengthen Capio’s high ambitions to conduct sound business ethics and emphasise the importance of openness, honesty and accountability throughout the whole of Capio. Policies will be communicated on a global scale within the company to make these principles and guidelines being a natural element of daily work in Capio.

General anti-bribery and anti-corruption guidelines of the Capio Group

It is a fundamental principle within the Capio Group that we apply the highest standards in both our professional and ethical conduct. This principle should be reflected in how we act in every situation. The Capio Code of Conduct contains our vision, mission and core values and in order to further clarify and highlight our position on non-acceptance of bribery, Capio has adopted these “General anti- bribery and anti-corruption guidelines of the Capio Group”.

Whistle blower policy

Capio is committed to the highest possible standards of openness, honesty and accountability. In line with this commitment, we encourage our employees and others that we deal with who have serious concerns about any aspect of Capio’s work to come forward and voice those concerns. For the purpose thereof, Capio has implemented a so-called whistle blower function.

Documentation will be published on Capio’s web site:

“In Capio we are given the trust to take care of people’s health. That requires an undivided focus on our patients and medical quality. These new policies will help us further to do the right things in our daily work. High standards for business ethics and a culture of openness, honesty and accountability are fundamental principles for Capio”, says Thomas Berglund, CEO of Capio.

“Actively combating all forms of bribery and corruption is an important task for any company, especially those performing services in the public sector. The right for all employees in Capio to report serious wrongdoing at work, without fear of reprisals, is a fundamental component of a work culture free from fear and discrimination. The new policies will strengthen the role of all employees in the company”, says Kevin Thompson, Employee chairperson of the Capio EWC.

Lyon 20th September 2013

Kevin Thompson
Employee Chairperson Capio EWC  
Telephone: +46 70 484 5605                                          

Thomas Berglund
CEO Capio
Telephone: +46 73 388 8600