11th meeting of Capio and its European Works Council (EWC) in Stockholm

At the consultation meeting between Capio and its European Works Council held in Stockholm on 2–3 December 2014, discussion took place of developments in Capio’s operations, quality measurements and the climate of cooperation between employers and local union representatives.

Capio’s President and CEO, Thomas Berglund, discussed Capio’s business operations and commented on the latest developments in the company so as to give a picture of where Capio stands today and in the future.

Sveneric Svensson, Chief Medical Officer at Capio, described the ongoing work on systematic quality measurement within the Group. All the business areas in the four countries in which Capio operates are currently developing Quality Performance Indicators (QPIs), which are key quality measures guiding the quality work carried out in each operation. By measuring and monitoring the development of these quality measures, each business obtains more rapid feedback of both clinically reported outcomes and quality as perceived by patients. More rapid feedback for the operations makes possible even more active work on steadily improving quality in Capio’s operations.

Kevin Thompson, Chairman of Capio’s EWC, described the results of a questionnaire carried out to measure the climate of cooperation between Capio and local union representatives. Johannes Heuer union representative, reported the results of the questionnaire for Germany. The results for France, as well as the action plans which will be implemented, were reported jointly by Michèle Goya, union representative and Catherine Viatgé, Deputy General Manager. The results provide an important starting point for future work, and several areas of improvement were identified. Both Capio and the Council’s union representatives stressed the importance of a good dialogue and an open climate of cooperation. Local action plans are being drawn up to further reinforce cooperation, after which new follow-ups will take place. The Council’s representatives pointed out that the high degree of openness that exists in Capio’s EWC also needed to be ensured in all local operations in regard to information and consultation.

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