Capio and European trade unions through European Works Council (EWC) held its 10th meeting in Frankfurt

During Capio’s 10th European Works Council Meeting in Frankfurt, on May 15, 2014, the operational development was discussed, preparation for a survey regarding the quality of the information and consultation process between local management and union representatives, and elections to leading positions within the EWC were held.

Capio’s President and CEO, Thomas Berglund discussed the operational development of Capio and commented on the recent development within the company to give a broad understanding of where we are today and what we are aiming for in the future.

Special focus was on the Capio initiative to further enhance the improvements of quality in healthcare. Capio has undertaken a more systematic approach to measure quality in healthcare by introducing a new set of targets for medical quality and patient satisfaction. The new measurement is called QPI (Quality Performance Indicators). This is now being implemented in the five countries where Capio performs healthcare. The main objective is to improve quality and patient satisfaction by having constant updates and information about the quality of healthcare produced by Capio.  

This will enable a greater level of visualization concerning medical quality, and the further improvement of care processes to secure a constant development of quality in the healthcare given to Capio’s patients.

An electronic survey will be launched within Capio to research the quality of the information and consultation process between local management and union reps in all entities in Capio. The results will be used to further improve the quality of negotiations and the cooperation between Capio and union representatives. Capio and the EWC find both local and central exchange and cooperation to be productive for the company, thus enhancing work conditions in the interest of employees and patients. The result will be discussed at the next EWC meeting.

The meeting was concluded by elections to different posts within the EWC. Kevin Thompson was re-elected Employee Chairman of EWC and Michele Goya was elected Vice Employee Chairman. To the select committee the following representatives were re-elected: Michele Goya, France, Johannes Heuer, Germany, and Kevin Thompson, Sweden. All positions were elected unanimously by the members of the EWC.

For information, please contact:

Kevin Thompson
Employee Chairperson, Capio EWC                              
Telephone: +46 70 484 5605                                             

Thomas Berglund
President and CEO, Capio
Telephone: +46 73 388 8600