Capio AB (publ) Interim Report January – September 2015

July – September 2015

  • Net sales were MSEK 3,055 (3,020). Organic sales growth was 2.3% (4.2) and total sales growth was 1.1% (6.6)
  • Operating result (EBITDA) was MSEK 188 (184)1 with an operating margin of 6.2% (6.1)1. EBITDA increased by 2.2% on an adjusted basis
  • Operating result (EBITA) was MSEK 86 (79)1 with an operating margin of 2.8% (2.6)1. EBITA increased by 8.9% on an adjusted basis
  • Earnings per share2 was SEK 0.20 (-0.25) and adjusted earnings per share2 was SEK 0.32 (0.24)

January – September 2015

  • Net sales were MSEK 9,974 (9,748). Organic sales growth was 2.9% (4.3) and total sales growth was 2.3% (6.7)
  • Operating result (EBITDA) was MSEK 716 (679)1 with an operating margin of 7.2% (7.0)1. EBITDA increased by 5.4% on an adjusted basis
  • Operating result (EBITA) was MSEK 413 (363)1 with an operating margin of 4.1% (3.7)1. EBITA increased by 13.8% on an adjusted basis
  • Earnings per share2 was SEK 0.53 (0.61) and adjusted earnings per share2 was SEK 1.52 (1.17)

1   For reported numbers for 2014 refer to page 4. Refer to page 28 for definitions of EBITDA and EBITA.
2   Earnings per share and adjusted earnings per share before and after dilution were the same. Refer to note 2 for calculations of earnings per share.

CEO comments:

“Capio Nordic and Capio Germany continue to improve – Capio France is on track to compensate for the government’s price reduction.”

We have a clear strategy and focus: In continental Europe, Modern Medicine is driving Rapid Recovery with shorter treatment times and a higher proportion of outpatient treat­ments. In the Nordics, Modern Management will increase the direct patient time for medical staff thus driving higher produc­tivity through empowered people.

In financial terms this translates for the Group into 2.9% organic sales growth in the first nine months (2.3% in the quarter) and an improvement in adjusted operating result (EBITA) of 13.8% (8.9% in the quarter).

In the Nordics the focus is on more patient time for doctors and nurses through less administrative duties. Several projects are currently under implementation in order to speed up this development in 2016.

Organic sales growth was 4.8% in the first nine months (4.2% in the quarter) and the adjusted operating result (EBITA) was up 19.8% (17.6% in the quarter). There was good sales growth and positive development of operating results in Capio St Göran’s hospital, Specialist Clinics and Norway. In Proximity Care there is a very strong focus on increasing the time for patients through more doctor visits per day among other actions.

In France the number of patients operated on increased by 2.5%, including a 6.7% outpatient growth and a -5.2% inpatient decrease in the first nine months. This means that we are succ­ess­ful in Rapid Recovery moving patients from in- to outpatient treatments in line with our strategy. The share of outpatients op­erated on has increased by 3 p.p. compared to the first nine months in the previous year and corresponded to 67% out of the total num­ber of patients operated on. The average outpatient surgery rate in French hospitals was 45% in 2014. We have also seen that the average length of stay (AVLOS) is continuing to decrease with -2.5% for comparable DRGs (Diagnosis Related Groups) within MSO (Medicine, Surgery and Obstetric) during the first nine months.

The French government made a general price reduction of -2.5% on medical sales from March 1, 2015.

In the third, seasonally weak, quarter net sales were negatively impacted by this price reduction. Productivity im­prov­­e­­­ments almost compen­sated for the price reduct­ion in the quarter. The opening of the Belharra hospital in Bayonne and the ongoing integration of the Parisis hospital impacted the result negatively in the quarter.

The organic sales growth in Capio France of 0.6% in the first nine months (-0.7% in the quarter) includes the above mention­ed effects and the strike effect from the first quarter. For the first nine months, the adjusted operating result (EBITA) was slightly up with 2.4% (-27.6% in the quarter) reflecting that the price reduction was almost compensated for.  

In order to mitigate the negative price effect, Capio France has, from the first quarter 2015, put several programs in place to speed up the implem­entation of Modern Medicine driv­ing Rapid Recovery. The programs are not yet fully up to speed, but are expected to have full effect in 2016.

In Germany the organic sales growth was 2.0% (4.1% in the quarter) and operating result (EBITA) was up with 16.7%, reflecting an improved performance in the general hospitals, mainly the hospital in Dannenberg.

Thomas Berglund

President and CEO

Presentation of the interim report

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