Capio increases management focus on Modern Medicine and Modern Management

To accelerate the execution of Capio’s strategy – Modern Medicine and Modern Management, the company has strengthened its focus and organization of the Group Management, effective March 18, 2016.

Capio’s vision is to ensure the best achievable quality of life for every patient. The basis to achieve the vision is to speed up the implementation of new treatment methods – Modern Medicine - with a clear and responsible organization – Modern Management. 

Stronger medical management aims at speeding up the implementation of Modern Medicine. This implies the transfer of know-how, benchmarking and sharing of best medical practice within and between the countries of operation, as well as further development of systematic medical quality measurements within the Group. This is reflected by the establishment of a new and stronger medical management in Capio.

Modern Management is key for the implementation of Modern Medicine. This implies an empowered organization, from care unit level all the way throughout the Group structure, with clear responsibilities and strong local and regional managers driving change in every day work. Capio is also strengthening its focus on collaboration with key public stakeholders to drive the development and benefit of Capio’s role to the public healthcare systems in which the company is active, also reflected in the management of the Group. 

The management is structured in Group Management and Operating Management teams for the three geographical segments. Group Management work in close cooperation with the Operating Management teams developing Capio in line with its strategy.

Group Management

Thomas Berglund
CEO and head of Capio Nordic, Olof Bengtsson CFO, Henrik Brehmer SVP Group Communication & Public Affairs, Philippe Durand Business area manager  France, Sveneric Svensson Chief Medical Officer (CMO) and François Demesmay Deputy Chief Medical Officer (CMO). François has previously upheld the position of CMO in Capio France.

Operating Management Teams - Business area managers and regional managers

Capio Nordic
The Capio Nordic Management team is headed by Thomas Berglund and includes:

Britta Wallgren, Business area manager Capio S:t Göran’s Hospital, Susanne Wellander, Business area manager Capio Proximity Care, Peter Holm, Business area manager Capio Specialist Clinics, Lotta Olmarken Ingler, Business area manager Capio Psychiatry and Per-Helge Fagermoen, Business area manager Capio Norway.

Capio France
The Capio France management team is headed by Philippe Durand and includes:

Catherine Viatge Deputy Business area manager in charge of people development, process and organization, Frédéric Pecqueux Regional manager Ile de France, Nicolas Bobet Regional manager Aquitaine, Véronique Dahan Regional manager Toulouse, Sofien Khachremi Regional manager Provence Alpes Cote Azur, Pierre-Yves Guiavarch Regional manager Lyon, Valérie Fakhoury Regional manager East and Olivier Le Borgne Regional manager La Rochelle.

Capio Germany
Martin Reitz, Business area manager Capio Germany and head of the Capio Germany management team.

Thomas Berglund
President and CEO

Capio AB (publ.)

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Thomas Berglund, President and CEO

Telephone: +46 733 88 86 00

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