Capio first in Norway to provide hip and knee replacements in day surgery

As the first healthcare provider in Norway, Capio Volvat is now performing hip and knee replacements in day surgery, implying that the patient is admitted to and discharged from hospital on the same day. This is a medical breakthrough for Capio in Norway, enabled by process development and knowledge sharing within the Capio Group. 

During November 2017, Capio Volvat performed three hip replacements and one knee replacement in day surgery at Volvat medisinske senter in Fredrikstad. The interventions were the first ever hip and knee replacements provided in daycare in Norway. The changes made are based on a less invasive surgical method, allowing the patient to leave the hospital already on the day of surgery and do rehabilitation outside of the hospital facilities. This shortens the stay in hospital significantly and allows the patient to return to normal life sooner. See the patients describe their experiences. The method is already in practice within the Capio Group with good medical outcomes and high patient satisfaction.

“By collaborating with our colleagues in France and Sweden we have gained new knowledge about these methods within Capio Volvat. High quality standards and a structured medical process before, during, and after surgery has enabled this development. The changes we have implemented show that the total knowledge of the Capio Group and its strategy to share and implement new, modern medical treatments benefit also our Norwegian patients”, says Per Helge Fagermoen, Country President Capio in Norway.

Since several years, Capio’s focus on Modern Medicine and a more rapid recovery for patients (Rapid Recovery) is successful in Capio’s French operations, where an orthopedic team already in 2011 performed Capio’s and France’s first knee replacement in day surgery. The method has since then been further developed for both hip and knee prosthesis surgery, especially at Capio’s day surgery center in Domont outside Paris. Since 2011, Capio France has shortened the average length of stay for hip and knee replacements from 8.2 days to 4.2 days. Out of the total number of such surgeries, about 8% are currently being performed in day surgery. The concept of Modern Medicine and Rapid Recovery has also been transferred to other medical areas such as cardiology and colorectal surgery, resulting in several day surgical breakthroughs during the past couple of years.

Modern Medicine and Rapid Recovery contributes to higher quality and shorter lengths of stay and drives the shift from in to outpatient care. These are important steps in the aim to achieve higher quality, productivity, and availability of healthcare. Hence, improved healthcare can be provided to more patients.

Patient story Modern Medicine and Rapid Recovery by Capio Volvat   

For information, please contact:

Per Helge Fagermoen, Country President Capio in Norway
Telephone: +47 996 90 309

François Demesmay, Chief Medical Officer Capio Group
Telephone: +33 674 89 62 44