Capio continues building its digi-physical healthcare offering in Sweden

Capio has signed an agreement to acquire the primary care center Tibra Medica with operations in Kista in the western part of Stockholm, Sweden. The unit adds 7,000 listed patients to Capio’s network of about 900,000 listed patients in Sweden. The acquisition strengthens Capio’s digi-physical network of digital healthcare services and physical consultations in the Stockholm area.

The Tibra Medica primary care center is located in Kista, which is a fast-growing part of the Stockholm area. Tibra Medica fits well with Capio’s existing primary care centers in Stockholm and adds to Capio’s network of more than 100 primary care centers and approximately 900,000 listed patients in Sweden and strengthens Capio’s digi-physical offering “digital when possible and physical when needed”. Capio’s online service is integrated in the physical medical offering and provides a complete and secure patient journey with access to laboratory and other diagnostic services as well as physical consultations at one of Capio’s primary care centers.

The acquisition is expected to be closed and included in Capio from March 2019, subject to approval by Region Stockholm.

For information, please contact:

Kristina Ekeblad, IR manager
Telephone: +46 708 31 19 40