Capio France

Capio France operates eight emergency hospitals, eleven local hospitals and three specialist clinics for rehabilitation and psychiatry.

Capio France operates in seven of the country’s regions, concentrated on the districts around the cities of Bayonne, Lyon and Toulouse, as well as Paris. Capio France performs a wide variety of medical treatments, including orthopedic, gastrointestinal, urological, gynecological and lung treatment, as well as neurological, heart and bariatric surgery. Great emphasis is given to implementing Modern Medicine at a high rate in order to improve quality, reduce average lengths of stay and drive the transition from inpatient to outpatient care.


France overview

Focus areas going forward

  • Continued initiatives to compensate for lower remuneration levels
  • Continued high rate of implementation of Modern Medicine, via the necessary investments in technology and facilities, as well as the establishment of star networks with one large hospital that is supported by several centers of excellence (specialist clinics)
  • Strong focus on organization and management to support the development of quality and productivity
  • Systematic quality work by continuing to implement and measure quality performance indicators (QPIs) throughout the operations
  • Continued development of the dialog with patients and measurement of quality development, in order to offer the right quality of care, at the right care level, and in the right way
  • Recruitment of new doctors to support patient growth and specialization