Capio Nordic

The Nordic segment consists of the operations in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

In Sweden, Capio has activities in 15 counties and regions, of which Stockholm, Västra Götaland and Region Skåne are the largest in terms of numbers of residents. In Norway, Capio is present in all four healthcare regions – the Central, Northern, Southeastern and Western regions. In Denmark, Capio is active in four out of five regions – the Capital Region, Southern Denmark, and Central and Northern Jutland.

Key events in 2017

  • Increased focus on knowledge sharing and best practice within orthopedics and acute geriatrics, leading to shorter length of stay and more patients.
  • First in Norway to provide hip and knee replacements in day surgery.
  • Changes in the Swedish organization, to take the next steps towards specialization, digitalization, and internal care chains.
  • Development of leadership by more than 60 employees attending Capio’s management program during the year.
  • Deployment of Capio’s digital services “Consultations Online” and “Better visits” at our primary care centers in Sweden.
  • New contract with Region Örebro to operate specialist care at Capio Läkargruppen. Also won several smaller pubilc contracts in ophthalmology, orthopedics and psychiatry in Sweden, and ENT, urology, orthopedics and mammography in Denmark.
  • Reinforcement of Capio’s base in the Nordic region with the acquisition of the Danish hospital group CFR Hospitaler, and two minor add-on acquisitions. Strengthening Capio’s position within primary care and ophthalmology with acquisitions in Sweden and Norway.