Capio specialist Clinics

Capio Specialist Clinics are operated at 31 locations and in 11 counties and regions in Sweden, offering a wide range of somatic specialist care.

The activities are divided into four main areas: Acute geriatrics, Orthopedics, Local hospitals and Single Episode within ENT (ear-nose-throat), gynecology, ophthalmology and general surgery. These clinics operate under either tendered contracts or care authorizations from 11 county councils, including Stockholm, Västra Götaland and Skåne. There is also a growing need for healthcare financed via insurance companies.

Focus areas going forward

  • Continuing to drive the adoption of Modern Medicine across care units, for example with regard to knee and hip surgery and geriatric care, and in psychiatry, such as the adoption of LARO (medically-assisted rehabilitation of opiate addicts).
  • Strengthening current centers of excellence and establishing new ones, for example, by further consolidation of the specialist area.
  • Increasing collaboration and communication across units to improve the coordination of patients’ healthcare contacts, for example within orthopedics and for multi-morbid patients, especially elderly patients or patients with psychiatric and somatic illness.
  • Leveraging scale to ensure efficient use of resources and fixed costs to deliver on patient promise and retain flexibility.