Capio S:t Göran's Hospital

Situated in central Stockholm, Capio S:t Göran’s Hospital is one of Sweden’s larger emergency hospitals in terms of emergency patient volumes in the catchment area (approximately 400,000 residents) and is the only privately-run emergency hospital in the Nordic region.

The hospital is operated under a contract with Stockholm County Council (SLL) and includes emergency and elective healthcare for adults within basic emergency care. The hospital has accident and emergency clinics, and orthopedic, surgical, medical, neurological, radiology, anesthesia, pain and clinical physiology clinics. It also has a breast surgery center and leading expertise in areas such as shoulder surgery.

Focus area going forward

  • Continue the adaption of Capio S:t Göran’s hospital to Stockhom County Council’s Future Plan
  • Reduction of AVLOS by focusing on Modern Medicine and changed working methods, releasing capacity for the treatment of more patients
  • Use Modern Management to release more time for patients so that medical staff can focus more on treating patients, and less on administration
  • Continue to involve patients in the hospital’s development, as well as their own treatment and recovery
  • Develop and implement digital tools, as important catalysts for change