Medical governance

Medical governance is based on Capio’s Corporate Governance model and the organisation structure established for this purpose.

Medical quality management is an integrated part of the operational organization. This is a prerequisite to achieve the high medical quality objectives set by the Group.

The members of Capio’s Medical Quality Committee are appointed by the Board of Directors. The committee consists of a chairman, representatives of the owners, the CEO and the Chief Medical Officer (CMO). The medical quality committee discusses overall principles for Capio’s quality work, based on the current status, as well as proposals for future development.

The proposals that are considered are mainly presented from Capio’s business areas, which also provide a sound foundation for good results. This is because the business areas operate under different requirements (differences in quality reporting requirements countries in between as well as based on the type of business) and also because Capio seeks to identify and create its own working processes and measurement methods, based on medical best practice.