Quality registers

The increasing demand for transparency in healthcare, and the importance of a well-informed, confident patient, mean that the number of registers to illustrate different quality aspects has increased significantly in recent years.

In this respect, Sweden has been an international leader, with national quality registers that began in the 1970s, such as the Swedish Hip Prosthesis Register. In Sweden there are currently almost 100 national quality registers within different healthcare areas.

Quality registers contribute to following up and assessing the effects of various medical treatment methods over time. This increases opportunities for continuous improvement in the healthcare provided. The selection of registers in which Capio participates is based on the register’s relevance and the comparability and availability of the data reported. Some Swedish registers overlap between different activities. Capio ensures that we fulfil the minimum agreed quality, or better, in our activities by participating in national quality registers and measuring relevant quality parameters. The parameters include medical results and processes, as well as patient-perceived quality, for example regarding information before and after treatment, and kind treatment.

Capio also participates in and continuously measures patient satisfaction in national patient surveys and via its own follow-up.

Conditions vary between countries

The conditions for participation in national quality registers vary considerably between the countries in which Capio operates. In Sweden and Norway, for example, there are well-functioning registers at national level, supporting comparison between different units and methods – which helps to stimulate improvements. In France and Germany, there is a certain lack of equivalent national registers, which impedes comparisons and the identification of potential for improvement. In these countries, Capio ensures follow-up on the quality of care through its own studies, as well as voluntary cooperation with other hospitals and organisations.

Systematic follow-up on developments

Our care units in all countries – France, Germany, Norway and Sweden – participate in quality networks. This includes study tours of leading hospitals and care units. In all countries in which Capio operates, the development in hospitals’ internal quality parameters, such as hospital-related infections, pressure wounds, fall injuries and malnutrition, is measured. Annual international comparisons are performed via peer networks based on the mutual exchange of knowledge. Capio’s close European collaboration creates good opportunities to identify innovative and effective new working methods that can be implemented in the organisation.